Jun. 17th, 2012

buttercupwishes: (scary)
...the scariest day of my life. Or at least the scariest seconds of it. We were at my aunts house for a party celebrating my cousins visiting for the first time in 3 years. Z and N were swimming in the pool with floaties on since they can't swim without. N asked to take his off and I said not without an adult IN the pool with him, so he talked my BIL into getting back in with him. D wasn't swimming and I can't because I got pierced a few weeks ago-with the amount of babies in the pool I wasn't risking it!

Anyways cut forward about an hour. N has his floaties back on, and they are playing happily along. Then Z gets off the whale thing he was riding on and proceeds to go under. Repeatedly. We were right at the pool and as soon as D saw he was actually going under and not playing in he went clothes, shoes, phone, key and all. Z had taken his floaties off without 1. asking and 2. telling anyone. I keep telling him that until he learns to SWIM he CANNOT take them off for anything. I know they are not life jackets, but they DO help keep his head above water.

Thankfully everything was okay, D was fast acting, and I didn't completely lose my mind last night.

Because of this though I am making a PSA to all my friends. If you read nothing else I post, ever again...WATCH THIS VIDEO. LEARN THE SIGNS OF DROWNING.


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