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Well George finally called me yesterday evening at about 5pm. His dad is doing okay, although this has made me realize that people are truly assholes at times. He went over a cliff to avoid a deer, hit a tree and broke all his ribs on his right side, and punctured his lung. He then proceeded to climb OUT of the ravine he went into, with these injuries. After he reached the side of the road, he layed there for 3 count 'em 3 hours before someone stopped to help him, or even offer help. Okay, I understand that people don't generally stop to help strangers anymore, but don't you think you would at least CALL someone to get help? Especially if that person looked injured? The funny, but sad truth is, he didn't have a scratch on him. All of his injurues were from hitting the tree or whatever stopped him in the ravine. But he couldn't have been up and walking around at that point. He did have internal injuries. Things would be a lot better for him too, if someone had stopped sooner. I am just glad that he is doing okay, and it looks like he will make a full recovery. The wonderful people he works with are looking for his bike in the ravine now, to see if a crane can pull it out, or if they need to air lift it. Thank God he works with a wonderful group of people.
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It has been over 12 hours since I last heard from George, adn over 15 since I heard anyting on his dad's condition. I am starting to worry more and more. If he doesn't call soon, I am going to go nuts! I just wish there was something I could do, anything, but sit here and wait for word from him. He probably thinks I am sleeping, which I could be, but I am going out to lunch with my dad today. The accident has made me realize that i can't take for granted that my dad will be around for awhile yet ya know? I also called my mother today. I haven't talked to her since May, the day AFTER my bday..yes she forgot (at least until it was too late to call). Oh well, that is my mother for ya. She will never grow up, and I will always have to be the adult in our relationship just as I always have had to been. Another reason to support my decision to NEVER have kids (at least if I can help it). That is why I am getting my tubes tied early next year, no matter what people say to try and get me to wait 5 more years. I want to take the action now, so I can stop taking that little blue or white pill every day. I have been taking it for almost 8 years now, and I am tired of it. Plus this way if the condom breaks, there is even less chance of me getting pregnant unexpectedly. Oh well...enuf about that. I am still really worried about George Sr. and my George and his family. I hope everything is okay :(
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Well after everything that has happend this last week, my life has taken a much more personal downhill slide. Last night my boyfriends father was in a motorcycle accident. I am stull unsure about his condition other than a collapsed lung, and several broken ribs. As far as we know there was no head trauma (thank God), but other than that is condition was unknown last I heard. There we were sitting, having a good time, and then the phone rang. I feel so bad about this, and I can't do anything to help. George wouldn't even let me go to Tucson with him last night (because I had a meeting this morning at work). Well work can kiss my ass, if it happens to George's family, then it happens to me. I have lost so many friends to motorcycle accidents, that for years, I wouldn't get on one. Now that I am addicted to cycling, and thinking about getting a bike myself, this happens. I am not going to let fear take me down again. Every time I get on the back of the bike I think "today is a good day to die". If it is going to happen, it wil, you cannot cheat death. I just hope it doesn't happen to George Sr.. I don't know how my George will handle that loss. He is just now starting to build up his relationship with his father again, and I don't want to see him lose that. So I ask all of you, please pray for the family.

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