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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] elebridith at This is the sickest hoax ever.
If you didn't hear about the sad story of Tyler Ryans and his boyfriend Josh, be glad. If you have, you know what it's about and I don't have to go into details. But sorry folks, it looks like this is the sickest hoax ever.

I believed it. Had no reason not to. Unless I heard that people only know the story via Twitter and FB. No evidence in the news anywhere. I felt sick for even thinking that it could be a fake, but then I did an image search. There were pics of "Tyler" and "Josh" posted. In a friend's LJ. A friend who was outraged and - like me - had no reason not to believe the story. 

She posted today that it's all a lie. That there is no Tyler Ryans in the hospital where his "boyfriend" said he is. And the pics? See for yourself.

Screencap from my friend's LJ, original post since then deleted, but here with permission:

And then I did an image search. Funny how "Tyler" shows up in an article about emo hairstyles from 2008:

Same with his "boyfriend" "Josh". Screencap used with permission:

This is a DeviantArt wallpaper, posted 2009, of Dave Williams of the band "Son of Dork". Looks familiar?

To top it off, this is a screencap from yesterday in the Tyler Ryan Facebook group. Claiming he got the pink glasses last summer:

Funny, then how does the same fucking pic show up on flickr, posted 2007?

Outright LIE. Right there. And if this is, then how can I believe anything else?

I don't. I want to find the fucker who is behind this and punch him. He used my friends and other people. Good people who have a kind heart and are compassionate. I don't know for what purpose, but it's not good. And I won't even begin to ponder the damage this does to real abuse victims. 

I want to write more, but I can't. I feel sick and I'm seething. Spread the word.

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