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First things first it was a GREAT show....and thanks to my wonderful friend Melissa I got to MEET (and get a hug from) CK. OMG he is the BEST hugger ever. And he smells sooooooooooooooooo good. No aftershave or anything, just him. I died a bit.

Now what many people have been asking about on twitter and I am tired of repeating/don't have time to go over all the time: The fight.

Some blonde bimbo (bleach blonde, drunk off her ass) decided she was going to work her way to the front. Well you know us Kane fans...that ISN'T HAPPENING. If you want the front, get their early! She kept trying to push past me and a couple of my friends and I kept hip checking her and pushing her back. Then she decided she was going to try a different way...those ppl didn't let her through either, and that is when she started throwing punches and security finally started to come to the area...unfortunately they got there AFTER she broke a bottle over some girls head and glass went flying everywhere. Including into my arm. I didn't realize it was as bad as a cut as it was, but the poor girl that actually got hit with it, I am sure required stitches on her head :(  Kane was playing through this whole thing, but when the song ended he asked what happened, asked ME if I was okay, then basically called the girl a pussy for hitting someone over the head with a bottle.

The show went on, security did what they could to clean up the glass off the floor with so many ppl standing there and refusing to move for them. After the show all the guys (except CK) signed my arm for me. Sadly I had to wash it off the next morning because I couldn't really go to a funeral with gold sharpie all over my arm.

I was talking to Ryan after the show and he said he found glass shards up by his drum set.

Meeting Christian was definitely the highlight of the show. That and seeing all my friends again...

As for me, we are still trying to move, so I am not really here.
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